Our Graduates are the Best!

Congratulations, Class of 2020!  We will miss your energy and leadership, and we celebrate your enthusiasm and achievements, such as sharing your talents in Mrs. Kay’s Art Class, your knowledge at the Cultural Fair, and your technical skills in the Capstone Project in Mr. James’ Technology Class.

For the Capstone Project, 8th graders had to create either a quest-style game or a 3D model of a “building of significance to their experience as a student at St. John School.”  It had to be a real building, from the past or present.

Students spent many hours creating these models, learning valuable CAD (computer-aided design) skills along the way.  They are now ready to help parents with a scale model for the next home remodel, land a part-time job making models for an architect, or design the next generation of personal protective equipment or other useful devices.

Be sure to check the 8th Grade Capstone Project Gallery on Mr. James’ webpage.  The models are amazing and a wonderful reflection of our students’ creativity and follow-through.  Thank you, Mr. James, for encouraging our students!  And thank you, Mrs. Kay, for supporting each graduate’s inner artist.

Our 8th graders, in turn, encouraged and supported their first-grade buddies.  Whether it was coding or projects in the Makerspace, the first graders enjoyed every moment they spent with their buddies.

We are so proud of our Eighth Graders!  Please send pictures of your Graduates with their “Congratulations” signs to Jonna Skokan#bekind #togetherstrong #courageouscatholicschools