Welcome Committee Update

Connect with St. John School     Families new to St. John School, and returning families with students new to St. John School are contacted by the Welcome Committee regarding the Buddy Family and small playgroups (PK and K), and offered assistance with navigating the community.  If you have not yet been contacted, please email Julia Tsurusaki at julia@thesakigroup.com,

School-Sponsored Playdates    St. John School will host summer playdates for students entering Preschool and Kindergarten when King County announces our entry into Phase 3.  A Sign-Up Genius has been created for Phase 3 playdates.  Sign up for a date and you will receive information more readily about upcoming events.  In the meantime, small playgroups offer opportunities for students to socialize in a safe environment, so do take advantage of the Buddy Family opportunities.

Kindergarten Meet and Greet     The Welcome Committee is excited to share that Kindergarten teachers will host a meet and greet for incoming Kindergartners on Thursday, August 6, 2020, at 10am.  Swing by to say hello to your teachers and pick up a special package to get you ready for Fall!  Details to follow.

Volunteers     Thank you to all our returning families that have helped by reaching out to new families, setting up small socially-distanced gatherings or zoom calls, and delivering goody bags to our preschoolers.