Community In Action: Unbound

Hope, service and joy – the first three weeks of Advent call on us to remember this as we light the candles.  Our wonderful community answered this call through our commitment to our Unbound friends.  With Elf College proceeds and direct donations to the school collection combined, we have raised over $3000 in donations for our friends!

Elf College     Eighty-eight students graduated from Elf College!  Not only did our elven graduates complete Kindness Activities and STEM projects, but they also raised over $1200 for Unbound!

Direct Donations to the School Collection     Through the St. John Unbound donation page and cash donations collected from on-campus learners and at hot lunch pick up, our community generously donated over $1800 for Unbound!

Naydelin, our seventh-grade sponsor student sent the St. John community a letter; please read it and know that your generosity makes an impact, your thoughtfulness matters, and your kindness is appreciated.