Welcome Back, All Students!

With updated guidance from the Washington State Department of Health, the school is excited to welcome all students back to campus five days a week, beginning Monday, April 19.

To keep our community safe and healthy, please note:

  • School day times remain the same to accommodate staggered and safe arrival and dismissal:
    • Preschool:  8:00-8:10am arrival; 12:00-12:10pm arrival; 11:15am and 3:15pm dismissal
    • Intermediate:  8:20-8:30am arrival; 2:10pm dismissal
    • Middle School:  8:40-8:50am arrival; 1:30pm* dismissal
      • *Zero Period Math (Grs. 7-8):  2:10pm dismissal
    • Primary:  8:50-9:00am arrival; 2:00pm dismissal
    • Please leave immediately after pick up/drop off; do not congregate
    • Grades K-8, please do not leave your vehicle unattended in the load/unload zone (yellow painted curb-79th St.)
    • Be mindful of increased pedestrian and car traffic in the neighborhood. Greenwood Elementary School is now in session.
  • Take your student’s temperature and submit the health screening form every morning before arrival.
  • Upon arrival, students (and parents/guardians who choose to wait with their child) must check-in at one of the two health stations.  If a health station is not available, please proceed to the other one.

  • Practice traffic safety and driver etiquette, especially with the significant increase in traffic stress as both Greenwood Elementary School and St. John School welcome students back on campus.
  • Remind your students to follow safety measures:  Wear masks, maintain social distancing, and follow good hygiene practices.

Together We Can!