Parish News

Visit the Parish Website for detailed information about Mass schedules, special events, and the Parish e-newsletter. The following are highlights:

Blessing of the Pets     The Saint Francis of Assisi ministry at St. John would like to invite you to bring your pet to the schoolyard on Sunday, October 3 to celebrate the feast day of St Francis of Assisi. Father Crispin will be blessing the animals between noon and 1:00pm. Please note that we anticipate animals of all sizes and types, and we do not wish any to be harmed. Thus, we require all dogs to either be leashed or carried in a secure dog carrier. In addition, all other animals (e.g., cats, birds, hamsters, snakes, etc.) need to be brought to the schoolyard in a secure carrier. If you cannot bring your pet in a secure carrier or if you cannot control your leashed pet, please leave your pet at home. Please bring a can or bag of pet food to share with less fortunate pet owners and their pets. Remember to wear a mask!

ACA: ASANTE SANA!     Once again, the St. John Community comes through! With the help of over 200 families, we have not only reached our 2021 Annual Catholic Appeal goal of $91,896, but also met our stretch goal to fund the upgraded and permanent video and sound system in the church!

Sacristans Needed     Becoming a sacristan is a beautiful way to enter more deeply into an understanding and reverence of the Mass. Typically, sacristans arrive at church before anyone else – often even the priest/celebrant. This is a unique time to experience the peace of the church as you light the candles, arrange the books, and prepare the Holy Eucharist for the celebration including readying the wine, water, and bread and make sure everything is in place for Mass. After Mass, everything is set back in its place in the sacristy before sacristans leave the church. No experience is necessary. We will provide training and support as you become familiar with the position. We especially need sacristans for the 8:30 Mass, but dates and times are by sign-up of your choice. If you are interested in learning more, contact Patty Mayhle at