Lunch Time Volunteers Needed

With limited use of our school cafeteria due to COVID-19 protocols, teachers are supervising students in the classrooms during their regularly scheduled break time. We are looking for parent volunteers to monitor classrooms during lunch so that our hard-working teachers can have time to eat lunch, re-charge, and prepare for afternoon classes. Please volunteer if you are able; volunteer for one shift or five; no long-term commitment needed. A story or video will also be shown during lunch to minimize talking among students not wearing their masks.


  • Volunteers must be vaccinated and current on Safe Environment training
  • 1.5 hours of your time
  • Commit to a day or days for consistency
  • Check-in with Mrs. Q.
  • Monitor students’ classroom or additional classrooms as they eat lunch
  • Assist students with lunch items, opening items, milk, water, etc.
  • Remind students to not talk during lunch without their masks on
  • Help with clean-up after lunch

Lunch Times:

  • Primary:  11:10-11:40am
  • Intermediate:  11:40-12:05pm
  • Middle School:  12:05-12:30pm

The gift of a lunch break for our teachers is priceless! Please support our teachers and consider this special volunteer opportunity. Your commitment and time are truly appreciated.  Sign up here.