Volunteer Requirements

The opportunities for volunteering at St. John School are vast and varied. Your enthusiastic volunteerism enables us to keep operating costs low and fundraisers successful. While we do not require a minimum number of volunteer hours, we do ask parents to strive towards the yearly goal of 40 hours per two-parent family and 20 hours per one-parent family. Volunteering is also a way for parents to become a part of their student’s school life and get to know the teachers, staff, and other parents. Thank you, volunteers!

All Volunteers – Safe Environment Program

All volunteers must complete the Safe Environment training and a background check. To start the process, you will need to take the initial Safe Environment class; sign up on the Virtus Online website. When you register on the Virtus website, you will be asked to run your own background check through the TRAK 1 system. The last step is to read the pamphlets and sign the Personnel Agreement form, which are on the Virtus website and can be read and signed electronically. If you have completed all of the steps above, you only have to do an online update every three years to stay up to date. If you have any questions, please contact Sheila Marty in the Parish Office.

All volunteers must be fully vaccinated to come into the building or to volunteer at any school or CYO events, including outdoor events.

CYO Athletics – PLACT Coaches Training and Parent Like a Champion Workshop

Coaches     In addition to Safe Environment, all volunteers who will be coaching any CYO sport are required to take the Play Like A Champion Today (PLACT) Coaches Training unless this is their first season coaching in CYO Athletics. Coaches are given a season of grace if this is their first season coaching, but CYO recommends taking the training before you start coaching. Note:  there is a required Pre-Course that needs to be completed at least 12 hours before the virtual training. You will receive a link to the online pre-course after you register for this training. You MUST complete the pre-course before attending the virtual training or you will not receive credit. Volunteer coaches do not have to take the Parent Like a Champion workshop. Go to the TeamSideline site, scroll down, and enroll in “PLACT Coaches Training – Fall 2021.”

Parents     Parents who are not coaches are required to attend a Parent Like a Champion workshop. Only one family member is required to attend this hour-long presentation. This is a one-time workshop and will be good for all your children participating in CYO. The workshop is offered virtually via Zoom and must be completed prior to registering a child for an upcoming sports season. Note:  coaches who have already completed the PLACT Coaches Training program are not required to attend a Parent Like A Champion workshop. Therefore, if a parent/guardian would prefer to complete the PLACT Coaches Training rather than complete the Parent Workshop (in anticipation of coaching at some point in the future), this is an acceptable alternative. To register for the Parent Like a Champion workshop, go to the TeamSideline site, scroll down, and click on “enroll” for “Parent Like A Champion Workshop Registration – Fall 2021.”

Crispin’s Kitchen – Food Worker Card

In addition to Safe Environment, all kitchen volunteers are required to have a current Food Worker card on file. Please bring a copy to the kitchen when you volunteer.