Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Guidance

St. John School will adhere to CDC recommendations on travel in and out of state, including following current guidance on indoor/outdoor mask-wearing while traveling.

  • In State and Out of State Car Travel: Car travel will not require a quarantine for vaccinated or unvaccinated students. Refer to the CDC “Travel” page for guidance.
  • Commercial Air, Train or Long-Distance Bus Travel: Students who travel by commercial air, train, or long distance bus will follow the current CDC/King County recommendations and requirements as outlined below.
    • Regardless of vaccination status, all travelers should carefully monitor symptoms during and after arrival home for 14 days. If symptoms occur, the symptomatic individual should be tested immediately.
    • Students who are not fully vaccinated (2 weeks past final vaccination shot) will be required to complete one of the quarantine options below upon arrival home:
      • Option One: 7-day quarantine (testing required): Complete a 7-day quarantine beginning the first full day after arrival home. COVID-19 test should be taken 3-5 days after arrival home. As soon as possible, send completed results to for confirmation of the student’s return date to school.
      • Option Two: 10-day quarantine (no testing required): Unvaccinated students or students who have not completed the full vaccination series complete a 10-day quarantine beginning the first full day after arrival home.
      • Steps to follow if your student requires a quarantine period out of school:
        • Prior to traveling, notify of your travel dates and which quarantine option will be taken.
        • Notify your student’s homeroom/subject teachers as to the planned absence. Per Family Handbook do not request work to be provided before travel dates.

The CDC continues to recommend avoiding large gatherings and events. At this time, the CDC does not have numbers to define small and large gatherings. As with all decisions, St. John recommends that you promote and choose healthy behaviors that reduce spread, refer to the CDC’s “Small and Large Gatherings” for more information. Key points to consider:

  • Avoid large events and gatherings when possible
  • Consider the level of risk when deciding to attend or host an event
  • Be prepared if someone gets sick.