Endowment Event 2022

This year we celebrated 100 years of our amazing school and honored Michele Thornquist, our former Director of Admissions & Development. It was a fabulous evening with amazing food and friends. Thank you ESR Restaurants, Ethan Stowell, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, our Endowment team, Kitchen Crew, and Endowment donors. It was a lovely evening celebrating our St. John Community; we are grateful to all of you!

We are also extremely grateful for the many volunteers who helped make this event a success: Kim Angelis, Yana Antonpoulos, Kristen Capka, Jessica Christofferson, Andrew Exnicios, Lauren Exnicios, Stephanie Fox, Evelyn Gilbert, Stephanie Glassburn, Michelle Hagen, Brian Haid, Heidi Herb, John Herb, Amanda Johnson, Lisa Longton, Connor Longton, David Masiello, Lylah Masterson, Cade McClenahan, Helen McClenahan, Tyler McClenahan, Ellen McLaughlin, Hyett Melton, Nico Nedialkov Sala, Olga Nedialkov Sala, Stephan Nedialkov Sala, Viden Nedialkov Sala, Joey Osterfield, Jack Overland, Madeline Pennington, Will Pessner, Allan Quiaoit, Beth Rubin, Jen Soderman, Christine Sourov, Soo Stahl, Gretchen Swanson, Di Tran, Emily Truong, Oliver Truong, Julia Tsurusaki, Veronika Wellnitz, Eli Westby, Mary Wiseman, Ryan Yokel and those we’ve inadvertently omitted from this list, thank you and God Bless.

Another important part of the Endowment evening was the unveiling of the new St. John logo; take a look.

As of today, we have over 90 donations to the endowment fund! We are so close to our goal of 100 donations for 100 years of St. John School. Can you help us reach it? Every donation helps – thank you.