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St. John School students participate in music classes from kindergarten through grade eight. Students are exposed to a variety of musical styles and musical concepts.  Our youngest students are encouraged to experience music physically through both singing and movement.  All students have the opportunity to perform at least once during the school year.

 Music Goals K, 1, 2 taught by Mrs. Pat Tsagalakis.

  • Appreciation of different kinds of music from various cultures and traditions
  • Basic knowledge of liturgical hymns and responses by encouraging children to praise God with their voices especially through participation in school liturgies
  • Exposure to various classical composers, their stories, and their music
  • Exploration of musical instruments and the sounds they make. Parents and students who play a musical instrument are encouraged to come to class and play
  • Understanding and use of musical concepts: tempo, pitch, beat, harmony, timbre, form, etc.
  • Musical literacy — introduction to notes and note values/musical symbols
  • Vocal technique-use of correct posture, breathing, and singing with natural singing voices
  • Share the joy and fun of singing songs together

Developmental Goals K, 1, 2

  • Coordination/motor skills including body movement, rhythmic patterns, and dances
  • Listening skills including rhythms, songs, and recognizing musical styles
  • Group process and social skills development including working together to make creative musical fun
  • Acquisition of basic facts such as note reading, instrument recognition, music vocabulary
  • Performance! Eye contact with director, memorization of songs, good posture, and breathing. All students will have an opportunity to share what we learn in a performance setting.

Grades 3, 4, 5 taught by Mrs. Eleni Semandiris

Students in grades three, four, and five have music classes twice weekly in singing, music reading, and music appreciation with an emphasis on music performance.  All fourth grade students at St. John’s will learn to play the recorder and gain important music theory and note reading skills.  Grades 3, 4, and 5 will perform in a special Christmas and Spring concert.

Grades 6, 7, 8 taught by Mrs. Pat Tsagalakis

Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 have a trimester of music with classes taught daily.  The emphasis in middle school is on “hands on” music technology and appreciation.  Students will create their own music using “Garageband” and explore a variety of music genres.  Middle school students will learn songs from early gregorian chant, jazz, musical theatre, country, to rock and roll.  Each trimester culminates in a musical presentation.


Students in grades seven and eight may elect to take part in a choir that meets weekly under the direction of Mrs. Pat Tsagalakis. This choir provides the celebrated music ministry for our student liturgies.


Bishop Blanchet High School provides the opportunity for St. John students to learn to play band instruments. St. John band students grades five through eight, meet twice weekly on St. John’s campus for instruction under the direction of Ryan Lunz, band director.

Middle School Musical

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