Other Easy “Fundraisers”

You can earn additional funds for St. John School without doing much more than you would normally do.  Some opportunities that can make a real impact: Boon Supply Boon Supply has a very nice selection of gift and personal items, including bags and accessories, tech and office, kitchen and home, food, travel, and much more.  … Continue Reading »

No Ná Keiki ‘O St. John

Hawaiian Fun Facts…. (govisithawaii.com) Hau’oli La Aloha! That’s the Hawaiian way to wish you a “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Thank you for all of your wonderful photos! Send your Hawaiian themed pictures to fundraising@st-johnschool.org. We will use them in preparation for the Auction on Friday, April 5. Online Donations We will continue to accept monetary donations … Continue Reading »


Thank you for honoring your pledge to purchase and use Scrip.  We hear great comments about the ability to purchase your Scrip online.  Feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions, to make our program even better!  Our wonderful Scrip coordinators, Tricia Kane-Yi and Andrea Vaught work diligently to make this program benefit our students.  … Continue Reading »

No Ná Keiki ‘O Hawai’i

Hawaiian Fun Facts…. (from 50states.com) Hawaii’s nickname is the “Aloha State.” The word aloha is derived from the Proto-Polynesian, alofa, and it’s meanings include “love,” “compassion,” and “mercy.” Aloha is used both as “hello” and “goodbye.” Auction Underwriting Event: BINGO, BREWS & BITES The Auction will be holding a fun, adults only BINGO, BREWS & … Continue Reading »