Back to School Liturgy

Dear Families,

I wish you could have all been at Mass with us yesterday. The students processed in carrying a large cutout of an anchor, the symbol of our firm and secure Hope in Christ. I was surrounded by first graders and Kindergarteners and they sang their hearts out! It was awe-inspiring and I sure felt the hope and the love! The students were very respectful as Fr. Angelovic and the lectors led them in prayer without the microphones; our sound system was down.   But we have hope!
Tomorrow, we run! The Jog-a-thon team is purchasing the fruit and water and finalizing all the arrangements. The t-shirts have been passed out and the sponsorship keeps on growing! Hurrah! (see below). The students will receive a blessing in the morning right before they enter class and the running is scheduled to start at 9:00am. Thank you, Jog-a-thon team! Come run with us and get your exercise, then you can enjoy the great food at the carnival beginning at 5pm!   This is our Welcome Back Party and a great way to get to know the new families in our community. We have new students in most classes, so reach out if you haven’t already and show them how we live our mission as a welcoming community!

It was lovely to meet the parents who came to the Parent Association meeting on Tuesday.   We heard an amount of important information about the year’s upcoming events.  I also had an opportunity to share my vision of helping each and every child achieve!  I look forward to meeting you again next week, at Wednesday Morning Coffee, 8:30am in Quiqley! New Learning Specialist Mrs. Adrey Ocampo will join the PA chairs and me for a Q/A about her position! Bring your questions! We will also do a Q/A for new room parents who have questions. See you on September 23!

Be sure to read all the news below.

Bernadette O’Leary