From the Principal

Exciting faculty news! Katie Flanigan Bugge (Co-Director, XDC) recently went to Rome with her family, including her baby son, Roman Bugge and sister-in-law Sarah Brito-Bugge, grades 1/3 Teaching Assistant. They had a private audience with Pope Francis during which he blessed baby Roman. Many of you have heard by now that on St. Patrick’s Day, … Continue Reading »

Principal’s Letter

Yesterday at 10am, two seventh grade students, Lucy B. and Maddie A. led a moving prayer service for the victims of the shooting in Florida.  Fifth graders and middle school students were invited and about 150 people attended.  Parish staff and faculty members who didn’t have students at the time came and prayed.   We continue … Continue Reading »

From the Principal’s Desk

Come out this evening to hear Julie Metzger speak on promoting communication with your teens, preteens, and families. I have heard Julie speak on many occasions and not only is she extremely insightful and knowledgeable, but she shares her wisdom in a delightful, humorous manner. You will enjoy the evening.  We are very fortunate that … Continue Reading »

You are the Light of the World

It feels like Spring around here.  Thank you for the beautiful flowers for Teacher Appreciation Day. The teachers are the backbone of the school but today it looks like many of them should be sitting at their students’ desks!  The students have donned beards, check shirts, scarves, and glasses as they dress like the teachers!  … Continue Reading »

Happy Catholic Schools Week!

Catholic Schools Week is an annual celebration of Catholic education across the United States. This coming week, approximately 1.9 million students enrolled in the 6,429 Catholic schools will join that celebration, which focuses on the value Catholic education provides to young people and its contributions to the church, local communities, and the nation. The theme … Continue Reading »