From the Principal

On Sunday we will join Catholic schools here in the United States and elsewhere as we begin Catholic Schools Week.  My sister, a teacher in Dublin, and I have been sharing news as we both prepare for this week.  What are we celebrating?  The defining characteristics of Catholic schools include our Christ-centeredness – that Jesus … Continue Reading »

Happy Thanksgiving!

On Tuesday night, I read Adam Grant’s and Allison Sweet Grant’s article, “Stop Trying to Raise Successful Kids and Start Raising Kind Ones.”  According to the authors, more than 90% of parents surveyed said that a top priority of parenting is to raise caring children.  However, according to the children who were surveyed, they believed … Continue Reading »

Enjoy A Sweet Evening!

The preschoolers just came by my office all dressed up in their Halloween costumes!  The air is tingling with a mixture of excitement as the primary children anticipate the carnival, and joyful remembrance as the intermediate students partake in Dia de los Muertos. Thank you for your participation in the conferences.  We look forward to … Continue Reading »

Principal’s Letter

Wizards, Witches, Cats, and Bats!  It is hard to believe that Halloween is almost here.  Eighth-grade students are furthering their leadership skills by hosting the primary students at our afternoon Halloween Carnival on Thursday, October 31. The fourth and fifth grades have created masks and sugar skulls and will be celebrating Dia de Los Muertos, … Continue Reading »