Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

This is an important weekend for our parish and school community as we launch the Honor the Past, Embrace the Present, Secure the Future Capital Campaign at the weekend masses.  St. John is moving forward in response to the needs of our school and parish prioritized at the Discovery Workshops last winter.  Watch your mailbox for our … Continue Reading »

Thank you!


Thank you, Karen Gunther Bombino, thank you, Julie Skinner, thank you auction team, thank you volunteers, thank you parents, for your donations and for your purchases! Most of all, thank you all for the precious and priceless community spirit that we all experienced at the very enjoyable auction on Friday evening! Your fellowship, friendship, and … Continue Reading »

Science Fair and Time for Prayer


Come to the Science Fair in Egan Hall this evening, 7-8:30pm and meet the young scientists and engineers.  The students have been experimenting and designing for the past few months and are eager to present their results.  See you this evening. When I visited the budding scientists in first grade they were finishing off their … Continue Reading »

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”


These words attributed to St. Teresa of Kolkata describe the many acts of kindness that I witness daily at St. John. From the kindergartener who accompanies her friend to get a band-aid, to the second grader who reaches out to a sad buddy, to the student who is putting his quarters in the rice bowl … Continue Reading »