Happy Thanksgiving!

St. John School rocks on!  Congratulations to Robert M., 7th grade.  He wrote an essay entitled, “How Can I Share Jesus With Others” and is the Elementary School Winner of the Northwest Catholic Student Essay Contest. Congratulations, Charlie M., 8th grade.  Charlie came first at the 8th Grade Math Contest at Bishop Blanchet High School, … Continue Reading »

All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days

The students came back to school on Monday with fresh energy and enthusiasm.  The Halloween Carnival provided great opportunities for engineering projects channeling the excitement of the day.  The fifth grade students were challenged to create cranking elevators out of straws, cardboard boxes, pipe cleaners and twine, that would lift a small pumpkin. In fourth … Continue Reading »

We Are St. John

We had two opportunities for safety preparedness today.  This morning, at approximately 7:30am we arrived to a large police presence in the neighborhood.  After consulting with police, a determination was made to initiate a stay put—a precautionary, low-level lock-down used when there is police activity in the neighborhood.  We ushered children directly to their classrooms … Continue Reading »

Happy Anniversary, St. John the Evangelist Parish!

Check out the Facebook page and enjoy the pictures of children celebrating the 100th anniversary/birthday of the parish. We began with Mass yesterday. The first graders and their eighth-grade buddies processed in with candles as we sang our theme song, “Shine, Shine, Shine.” Children from both those classes were lectors, cantors and read the Prayers … Continue Reading »