Keep the donations coming! Our page is open until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! Call Grandma, talk to your neighbors and make your final donation before then. We cannot believe how generous everyone has been— we have raised more than $66,000 already— way over our goal of $55,000!

Students have earned a FREE DRESS DAY on Jog-a-thon Celebration Day, Friday October 9. Please let us know if you’d like to help out with the celebration that day by contacting Julie Skinner at

Also on Celebration Day, we will celebrate with the grade that raised the most money by having a Silly String Showdown (1st grade is still in the lead…catch up!); Cash Grabbin’ Gecko will happen at lunch for every student whose family raised more than $250; Mrs. Castillo’s 3rd graders will have their popcorn party for running the MOST laps; and we will announce the winner of the trampoline!!

Thank you for all of your support of Jog-a-thon 2015!