Facilitation / Scrip Sales / Uniform Exchange

Facilitation begins next week.  All online tasks must be completed prior to meeting a financial facilitator. 

  • Wednesday, February 17, 7-9pm
  • Thursday, February 18, 7-9pm
  • Sunday, February 21, noon-4pm

Facilitation is done on the second floor of the main school building.  Scrip will be available for purchase; the Uniform Exchange will be available in the lower east hallway outside XDC Monday through Sunday all day – pick something up, leave something.  You don’t have to leave something to take something or vice versa!

If you do not attend State of the School and plan to enroll your students for 2016/2017, you will not qualify for the $50 discount on registration.  Packets will be available in the school office, where you can sign up for a Facilitation appointment, after 11am Wednesday, February 17.  Families not completing their student’s re-registration process by Sunday, February 21, 4pm will be placed after all on-time registrations have been placed, as space allows, unless special arrangements have been made previously with administration.