Share the Love! – Message From the Principal

The Lion King, Jr., Stations of the Cross, Soup Supper, Mass, prayer, Rice Bowl, almsgiving, and learning are all happening at St. John as students, parents, teachers and parishioners share their gifts and talents with Jesus and with one another.  St. John is a busy and inspiring place!  As I write I am reminded that the above list of activities is long and yet, is a mere portion of all that we do.  There are sports, clubs, and music lessons, chores, homework and careers.  How do we find ‘desert’ time this Lent?  When do we just sit and allow God to speak to us?  We can’t stop doing everything but we can find a quiet moment.  In fact, stop reading now for one minute.  Let Jesus have have a word with you.

I wish you many more such pauses in your day as you take a few minutes to breathe and listen.

I am so grateful to Katie Franklin for her commitment to the middle school students and her continued role as director of the musical.  This afternoon the school students attended the dress rehearsal.  The excitement is palpable!

In honor of all things Irish and St. Patrick, of course, let’s wear green on March 17!  We also will welcome the bagpipers who will play for students as they come to school in the morning!  Noon dismissal.