Easter Joy!

Jesus is risen, Alleluia! The liturgical season of Easter will continue for fifty days and it seems like the sun is celebrating with us! Let us rejoice! Spring is in the air and I have a fine view of the fresh growth out my new windows!

St. John School is buzzing this month. Coming up we have Science Fair, Literacy Day and Family Literacy Night, and of course, Havana Nights – the auction! April is also poetry month, and our fearless Literacy Day parent leaders are getting us in the mood by challenging us to write a haiku about St. John.  There is so much to say!

Nancy and Kari
want us to write a haiku
about St. John School!

so here is another attempt…

St. John teachers rock!
They’re at the top of their class
Way to go, teachers!

And a reminder about the generosity of our donors and the reason we give to Fund-a-Need!

Thank you Fund-a-Need
No more drafty window panes
Now I want hot lunch!

Hope you all have your auction tickets!  See below for more information on this action packed month at St. John!

Enjoy the sunshine!

In Christ’s peace,
Bernadette O’Leary