Good Shepherds

This weekend, the fourth Sunday of the Easter liturgical season, we celebrate Good Shepherd Sunday. The Gospel reading tells us Jesus taught his followers about the caring shepherd who watches over his flock of sheep and lambs and that we must look out for one another and guide each other. We thank Fr. Crispin for watching over his St. John flock! His love and care for us reflects the love Jesus has for us.

Our teachers also take care of their flocks and on your behalf, I thank them. Each day, they strive to ensure their students grow spiritually, academically and physically. They teach like Jesus did– reflecting his care for his disciples while challenging them to be better people. And as with any flock, sometimes there is change in who is leading.

Please note the following faculty news. Today is Mrs. Becky Kelly’s last day before she goes on maternity leave. We wish her the best and we are looking forward to the baby pictures. Kari Hetcher Aguila will teach intermediate music for the remainder of this year. Mrs. Aguila’s graduate degree work included an emphasis in primary education. You may know her from her work with the students in the garden, as a member of the 8:30am choir, or as a mom of three children! We now look forward to getting to know Mrs. Aguila as the substitute music teacher!

In other faculty news, I am sad to inform you that we will be saying goodbye to some of our faculty flock. Mrs. Macaulay is moving to Spokane to be closer to her mother, sister, and sons who will be attending college in eastern Washington and Montana. Our loss is the gain for her family there and for All Saints Catholic School where she will teach fifth grade. Mrs. Whiting is also leaving St. John to care for her mother and hopes to take on a second career in real estate. Family comes first, but this St. John family will really miss our ‘siblings’! These teachers have become integral members of the community and have contributed so much to our growth and to that of countless students.

In other faculty news, I thank Maria Tsagalakis who finishes her year as PE teacher. When Mr. O’Leary left suddenly in early September, Mrs. Skokan was next in for that position. However, leaving her fourth grade class in the first week of school was not possible. Miss Tsagalakis agreed to take the position for a year and what an incredible job she did! We are so impressed with Miss Tsagalakis’ skill, commitment and growth over the year. We are looking for ways to keep her here at St. John and to encourage her to pursue a teaching degree! Mrs. Skokan will move to the PE position in September 2016.

The open teaching positions have been advertised and we are meeting with candidates. We will keep you posted.

On Wednesday at Mass the students will thank their Good Shepherd, Fr. Crispin. You will have an opportunity to do so at Mass this weekend. Be sure to attend the pancake breakfast this Sunday and support the eighth grade Washington, DC trip. Sunday evening, we will gather in the church to hear more about prayer with Sr. Giovanni Paolo. Mass, breakfast, prayer – food for the soul and the body – a delicious spiritual sandwich!

See you this weekend, and next weekend at the auction! Read below for more details!


Bernadette O’Leary