The Pope’s Question

This morning I read a question that Pope Francis asked and it really set me thinking. He asked, “Do you let yourself be looked at by the Lord? (May we let) ourselves be gazed upon by the Lord. He looks at us and this in itself is a way of praying.” Sure, I know that God is watching over me, but this made me realize that He is doing more. This is God praying with me; it is me allowing myself to be looked at, to be in His presence. How do you answer the Pope’s question?

Next week, the sixth grade heads to Camp Hamilton for four days of environmental science; the eighth grade will travel to our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. for five days of history and civics. The teachers spend many hours over many months preparing for these excursions and they will be spending days away from their families.  On your behalf, I thank them.  I am also grateful to the chaperones who will travel with the groups and without whom we could not have such field work.  Safe travels to both groups.

Speaking of safety, be sure to look carefully at the post about traffic, and pick-up and drop-off.  Drive carefully, be courteous to our neighbors and fellow parents.

Thank you for your prayers and generosity over the past few weeks.  The Jarvis family, the Skokan family and the Thornquists are very grateful to the St. John community.