From the Principal – Advent

My Advent hopes for you:

May you experience a wonder-filled Advent season! May you find the time, or make the time, to encounter the peace of Christ. May you reflect on the miracle of Christmas. May you hear the call to follow Him, in whom we will find eternal happiness. The readings during the Advent season offer us hope and confidence in the mercy and love of God. They invite us to prepare ourselves, heart, mind and soul, and to accept the invitation to a richer life. Are we ready?

The students are praying daily around the Advent wreath. On Mondays we gather the whole school together for prayer in church.   You are invited to attend.  Thank you for having your children here on time as we begin immediately at 8:20.  The children go directly to the church from the playground.  During the rest of the week, the Primary children gather in the portables and the Intermediate students gather on the second floor hallway at the beginning of the school day.  This morning, I prayed with the Primary Department.  It is very moving to witness over 150 children gather in silence as they wait for all to be present. The lights are dimmed, the candle is lit; the air is filled with anticipation, and then they sing out, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel!  If you get a chance, come and participate.  You will experience the true magic of Advent and Christmas!

Faculty News

Miss Teresa Thornton has been pursuing her teaching certification program and tomorrow is her final day!  Join me in congratulating her as she becomes a fully qualified teacher.  She has completed her student teaching under the watchful eye of master-teacher, Ms. Kristine Kelley. Her time in fifth grade and her years with preschoolers and children across many grade levels in XDC have given her a wealth of experience and she is more than ready to take over the classroom. Miss Thornton will begin observing and assisting in first grade after Christmas and will be Mrs. Todd’s long-term substitute during her maternity leave.  Join me in welcoming the latest certified teacher to our team!

Report Cards

Today, your children are bringing home report cards. They may look a little different to those in the past and not because of your children’s grades! We have been editing and revising the report card formats to include the updated SLEs and to reflect progress. The report cards for students in grades K-3 reflect progress made towards mastery of the standards. The report card for students in grades 4-8 utilizes more traditional percentage grades on the academic subjects, and standardized grading for the specialist subjects and the SLEs. Celebrate with your children their persistence and their hard work that helped them achieve.  Encourage them to maintain their efforts to grow!  Teach them to be active, Christ-centered learners and empowered disciples!


Bernadette O’Leary