Haiku Contest – Literacy Day

The following students will receive Gift Certificates to Phinney Books for their winning Haiku:

Pablo’s Beard
The great beard that grows
Makes school look so much smaller
We’re lost in a beard.
-Annabelle F.

The Gift of Water
Sunlight on water
Dapples the riverbed where
Hides the Spotted Trout
-Olive S.

A Destroyed World
A dream about our
Wicked world. Torn apart by
Hate. Where is the love?
-Liz A.

Morning Drama
It’s Dress uniform
That means a 2-hour school mass
My red shirt won’t show…
-Catherine C.

Special Mention for the following:

I Like to Move It

I like to move it
I like to dance with mommy
Baseball likes to dance.
-Skylar A.

That Bunny is Cute.
I love that bunny so much
can we buy it mom?
-Frances M.

The Beard of the School
Everyone knows that
Pablo’s beard is his sidekick,
(makes him powerful)
-Emma P.

Where’s my camera
April twenty-eight
St. John’s auction and dinner
Mom’s in a prom dress?
-Sophia S.

Blazing Fire
Warm blazing bright flames.
Fire dances as smoke rises.
Bright crackling fire.
-Abbey S.

Yellow Bus
Along The Road Side
Leaves scatter from all the gust
Of a Yellow Bus
-Sarah L.

Late for School
Abruptly stopping.
Loud beeping cars move through slow.
Late pass from Mrs. Q.
-Marin A.

Oceans glistening
Washing up on the beach shore
Sunlight gently warm.
-Stella B.