Happy Mother’s Day

This is an important weekend for our parish and school community as we launch the Honor the Past, Embrace the Present, Secure the Future Capital Campaign at the weekend masses.  St. John is moving forward in response to the needs of our school and parish prioritized at the Discovery Workshops last winter.  Watch your mailbox for our case statement booklet and letter from Fr. Crispin inviting you to participate in the campaign.  We are confident that we will  achieve 100% involvement by the members of our community!

As you read this letter I will be en route to Loyola University in New Orleans for my daughter’s graduation.  The past week has been busy as I prepare to be gone from school and pack for the trip, but I tried to find some quiet time to ponder on this huge step – my daughter, my baby, is graduating from college!   On Monday night at the Kindergarten Welcome, I remembered her sitting at small desks – it seems like yesterday that she was in kindergarten.  As I meet our students in the morning, I recall memories of her in line chatting with her school friends.  Watching our eighth graders arrive for retreat yesterday wearing their high-school sweatshirts, I was reminded of Madeléin’s commencement to Holy Names Academy and the nervous anticipation of the transition to the much bigger school. I observe and witness great teaching here and I think of the many influential teachers Madeléin has been blessed with from pre-kindergarten, through elementary school and high school, and to her professors at college. Each and every one is instrumental in her success.   As Mother’s Day approaches, yes, of course, I take great delight in my children, but I am also very conscious that I was never alone. My children had so much mothering and care as they made their journeys through our school communities.  I wish all the teachers, community members and mothers a very Happy Mother’s day!

Next week, middle school students will be heading out of the classroom and learning in the field.  The eighth grade will be in Washington, D.C., the seventh grade will tour our own Washington State, and the sixth grade will go to Environmental Science Camp at Camp Hamilton.  I will travel with the eighth grade and Mr. Kelley, aka Pablo, will be with the seventh grade.  Mrs. Brumback, who won’t have any math classes, will take over the administrative role for the week, assisted by Mrs. Farewell.