We are back! From the Principal

You are the Light of the World! Let your light shine before all that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in Heaven.

We are off to a fine start! It is such a delight to greet so many smiling faces! Parents, students and teachers all looked so happy as we began the 2017-2018 school year.  Yesterday, we gathered in church to pray for a good school year during which we will all let our lights shine brightly! We also prayed for those who are struggling as a result of Hurricane Harvey. Thank you to all who purchased Popsicles after school in support of the victims of the flooding and thank you, Ocampo family for organizing the sale. You are empowered disciples, shining your lights, that we may see your good works! More than $315 was collected with more coming in to the school office today.  We will also send the proceeds of our first pizza lunch to aid the recovery in Houston and beyond. Thank you for your support of these worthy causes  – more good works!

Good work has been happening all summer long. Many of the teachers attended workshops and took classes over the summer and shared their experiences with us during the in-services this week.  The students will benefit throughout the year!  On campus, the Maintenance team, Steven D’Amelio, Ryan Roach and Sean Laverty, assisted by alum, Franco Micale built, cleaned, painted and refreshed the buildings.  Check out the new wall pads that were installed in the gym and the covered porch behind Egan Hall where we can work and store furniture outside. We have new water fountains in the main school building where the students can fill their water bottles.  The new flower boxes on the deck were built by Mr. Roach senior, Ryan Roach and Rachelle Overby’s father. Thank you also to Mrs. Kari Aguila for transplanting all the plants and adding new ones. The 21st Century Classroom furniture which you helped purchase through your donation to the 80s Prom Auction fund-a-need is on the way!  Watch out for more news.  We expect delivery in November.

Tomorrow at 9:00am we will gather in Egan Hall for the Jog-a-Thon assembly. Join us for this spirited event as we kick off this fantastic fundraiser The Jog-a-Thon takes place on September 15 and it is one of the most enjoyable days in the school year. It is followed by the annual back-to school picnic in the evening. Mark your calendars.

Other very important dates between now and the Jog-a-Thon include Curriculum Night for the families with students in grades K – 5, on September 7. Please make sure that at least one parent attends to learn about the curriculum and the expectations your child will be experiencing.

September 17th is the blessing of the Backpacks at the 10:30 Mass. During the Mass Fr. Crispin will invite all the children to the altar and bless their backpacks. We will have students participating as lectors and in the choir. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

Shine on,


Bernadette O’Leary