All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days

The students came back to school on Monday with fresh energy and enthusiasm.  The Halloween Carnival provided great opportunities for engineering projects channeling the excitement of the day.  The fifth grade students were challenged to create cranking elevators out of straws, cardboard boxes, pipe cleaners and twine, that would lift a small pumpkin. In fourth grade, I watched the students make candy towers with toothpicks and candy. Third graders had to build a bridge at least one inch high that would hold a ‘candy’ vehicle. They also had limited supplies – straws, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, etc.  The students had so much fun being engineers and active learners!  The teachers said they would post pictures on the classroom webpages.

All Saints’ Day saw the students praying and singing with reverence.  Despite the trick or treating on Tuesday evening they participated well at Mass.  Fr. Crispin was delighted to see our first and seventh grade student buddies shining their lights as they ushered, lectored and led the prayers of intercession. The fourth and fifth graders participated in Dia de los Muertos yesterday afternoon, remembering in a very special way their relatives who have died.

Congratulations to Ms. Gudaitis, who just completed her Masters Degree and to Mr. Breysee, who is pursuing his teaching certificate. St. John teachers never stop growing!

We have informative and fun events in the week ahead!  See you at the State of the Parish and the Tailgate this weekend and the PA meeting on Tuesday evening with Mrs. Abby Mansfield.  Second through fifth graders will celebrate Grandparents’ and Friends’ Day on November 9th.  Also, don’t forget to get your photograph taken for the new parish directory celebrating the 100th anniversary.  See the Parish News below.

God Bless,

Bernadette 0’Leary