Thank You Corner

  • Mrs. Crockett would like to say thank you to Amy Murphy and Michelle Sorrick for their support during Mrs. Q’s absence.  Mrs. Q is anxiously waiting for permission to return after her hand surgery, and is doing well.  Nobody can ever replace Mrs. Q, but Amy and Michelle have been a great help to parents, students, and teachers (not to mention Mrs. Crockett) during this busy time of year!
  • Parent Association says, thank you St. John Families!!! The Help the Homeless Night was a huge success!!  Thank you to everyone who donated goods. We made more than 500 comfort kits and have heard from many that they have been much appreciated by the community. One recipient cried when she received her kit and read the handwritten note from a student. She said she, “had never received anything from a child.”  Thank you, 4th graders for all of your hard work collecting goods, educating your fellow students, and managing the kit building process. You are an impressive bunch!  And a very special thank you to Ms. Purchio, Mrs. Martin, Kara Dacquisto, Amy Murphy, Katie Masiello, Kim Angelis, and all of our Parent Association volunteers who helped to make the evening a success.