Winter Club Sign Ups

The following After School Clubs will register students beginning Monday, December 4, at 7pm:

  • Newly Added!  WhirlyBuds Tap & Twirl – Grades K, 1 – 10 classes beginning Thursday, January 11, $215.00
    • Boys and girls delighted by dance can’t help but express themselves through movement. Our Tap & Twirl class provides children the opportunity to be passionate, creative, and curious, while learning the technique of the art. As ballet is the foundation for all dance technique, exposing children to the basics of ballet will benefit them in whatever form of dance they choose to pursue. Teaching tap in combination with ballet provides a balanced introduction to both forms in a fun, supportive, and informative environment. Students learn about the structure and purpose of music and movement while exploring core ballet and tap skills. Throughout the semester, we work on left and right discrimination, proper shifting of weight, movement patterns, and dance vocabulary. Tap & Twirl students build on their technique, memory recall, and confidence. Students are encouraged to be enthusiastic and inquisitive as they safely explore the world of dance.  We will alternate between tap and ballet each week. No special dress is required; students are encouraged to bring tap and ballet shoes if they have them. Class is limited to 12 students.
  • Pacific Science Center, Science On Wheels, Intermediate – Grades 3, 4, 5 – 6 classes beginning Tuesday, January 23, $65.00
    • A Closer Look: Take a tour of the tiny world of physiology! From the small to the invisible, master microscopes and then delve even deeper into unseen DNA and antibodies. Investigate organisms from the inside out – from pumping air into a pig’s lung to probing the indigestible remain of an owl’s lunch to dissecting a frog (yes, you get to dissect it yourself – or a frog model, if you would prefer)!
    • Physics FUNdamentals: Join us for a journey into the fascinating world of physics! From hair-raising static electricity to solar ovens and catapults to cracked eggs (oops! Bad egg drop!), you’ll experiment with Newton’s Laws of motion, acceleration, electricity, and simple machines. Can your egg survive a ceiling-high drop? Can you run a fan using only light? It’s science with a sizzle when the focus is on physics!
    • Space Safari: Prepare to blast off on a 6-week voyage of discovery! Focus on flight, engineer rockets, model a space station, operate a rover, go stargazing in a portable planetarium and analyze atmospheres. If space travel were easy, anyone could do it – find out why space exploration is such a challenge!
  • Kay’s Art Club, Winter Session – Grades K, 1, 2 – 9 classes beginning Thursday, December 4, $225.00
    • Instructor Kyoungmi Jang has a Masters Degree in Art Education, many years of teaching experience, and a passion for teaching children of all ages. Art classes are small in size, providing an environment to work with each child, answer questions, demonstrate techniques and encourage exploration. Kay’s art classes are designed for children of all abilities. Children paint, draw, sculpt, collage, design, imagine, sketch and explore using a wide variety of artist materials and techniques, all in an atmosphere of fun and success!