You are the Light of the World

It feels like Spring around here.  Thank you for the beautiful flowers for Teacher Appreciation Day. The teachers are the backbone of the school but today it looks like many of them should be sitting at their students’ desks!  The students have donned beards, check shirts, scarves, and glasses as they dress like the teachers!  The teachers are wearing uniforms as we all learn so much from your children!  Link here for more photos of the fun!

I am also very grateful to the hard-working teachers at St. John!  Each day, they live out the theme of this year’s Catholic Schools Week: Learning, serving, leading in order to help your children succeed. Many of you volunteer in the classrooms and you can attest to the teachers’ steadfast commitment and their creativity. You also see their compassion. In meetings and throughout the school, I hear and witness their relentless desire to see the students succeed. They work together, support one another, research, try new strategies, and invest many hours in the evenings grading and preparing. Thank you again, for lunch, flowers and for your partnership.

Next week, you have three opportunities to attend the State of the School presentation.   We present three times to ensure that you all have a chance to attend.  This mandatory presentation will cover how well the students are meeting the Schoolwide Learning Expectations, their academic progress, the financial state of the school, how we arrive at tuition costs, the importance of volunteering, the Capital Campaign and so much more.  I am looking forward to seeing you there.

God bless,

Bernadette O’Leary