Opening Night!

It’s Opening Night for the Middle School Musical, and the excitement is tangible!  This afternoon, the students attended the dress rehearsal for Once Upon A Mattress.  We are so grateful to Katie Franklin.  Each year, I am amazed at how the cast and crew blossom under her direction.  I am also very grateful to her team of volunteers – costume designers, tailors and dressmakers, set designer and manufacturer John Pasco, the lighting and sound crew and the make-up artists to name just a few.

Yesterday, we had an early St. Patrick’s Day. The Mass was a great celebration of the gifts of prayer, singing, and dancing!  The children responded fervently, Schola sang beautifully, Kindergartener Molly O’B. led us in the penitential rite and amazed us with her poise and great voice, and Fr. Crispin joined a group of Irish dancers for the recessional at the end of Mass! It was a very joyful time of prayer during which Fr. Crispin reminded us of the many ways we can show God’s love.

Check out the Auction post today!  ‘Awesome’ was the word used to describe the work the procurement team has been doing on our behalf.  They have secured some fantastic items.  Out of 345 families 273 have already procured or sent in a cash donation.  Thank you all so much and there is still time to complete your donation / Fair Share commitment.  Tickets for the event go on sale any day now!

Some of you have contacted us about supporting the students across the country who are planning to participate in a walkout on Wednesday, March 14, at 10am to both honor the 17 victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting and to take a stand against violence in schools.  Safety is a priority at St. John School. We pray that schools are places free from violence.  At 10am faculty and administration will be available to supervise students in grades 5 – 8 who want to participate in an on-campus walkout that will last 17 minutes. We will open the church, light 17 candles, and ring a bell 17 times. We join together in prayer across the country for all students and their families.
Today is International Women’s Day, celebrating the cultural, economic, social and political achievement of women around the world. Share a story with your children of inspirational female role models in your lives. Maybe it’s your mom, or your grandmother, or a teacher who influenced you, or Mary, Mother of God, or Katherine Johnson, or any one of the millions of women who change lives for the better every day.
Bernadette O’Leary