Bike to School Challenge

Fill up those bike tires and dust off the helmets, Bike to School Day is back! Join Ms. O’Leary, Sr. Pablo, and other families of riders for the annual Bike to School Day event on Wednesday, May 9. Last year over 85 student riders participated. Let’s go for 100+ this year. Families and students who are interested in taking the bike to school for the month of May challenge, please register here and track your minutes for the month here. Let’s try and win the Golden Pedal this year!

  • On Bike to School Day 2017 a reported total of 3,317 students rode their bikes!
  • Two Golden Pedal Awards were given out last year to:
    • Thornton Creek Elementary. For the third year in a row, Thornton Creek Elementary logged the most minutes, totaling 108,854 minutes in May!
    • AND… Cedar Way Elementary, whose students logged an average of 1,278 minutes per person!
  • By the end of the month a total of 973,455 minutes were logged by elementary, middle, and high school students combined.