We welcomed May with a beautiful Rosary led by the fourth graders. The altar surrounding Mary was a delightful symbol, not only of our devotion to her, but also of the power of our community. As each child brought up flowers, the vases were filled and the statue of Mary was soon surrounded by their colorful gifts. Mrs. Kim Miller made delicate crowns of fresh flowers for all statues (the one in the Church, the one in the courtyard and the one in the office) and, as the two eighth graders crowned Mary, Schola led the school in all our favorite Marion hymns. The service lifted all our hearts.

Congratulations to our second graders who will receive their First Communion this weekend.  May God bless them and you, their parents, on this special occasion.  Thank you to Mrs. Hendrickson, Mrs. Oines, Ms. Rudden and all who helped prepare the children.

Please pray for Mrs. Pat Hendrickson whose mother passed away yesterday. Also, continue to keep Mrs. Marcey Flood in your prayers.

I walked through Quigley yesterday.  The spaces look so big without all the walls!  It is very exciting to watch the progress.  Teachers have picked out flooring and wall colors for the new classrooms in the main building.  Thank you again for your support of the Capital Campaign.  Be sure to sign up for the Capital Cookout on Saturday, June 2.  See below.

April was poetry month and last week, the children brought poems to school for ‘A Poem in Your Pocket Day’. I had a lovely time listening to the many students who shared their poems with me. Martin, in 4th grade, read me his poem, which he chose because it was about the Growth Mindset that he is learning this year. We should all print it and put it in our pockets. It’s called Try, Try Again, by T.H. Palmer