Scrip – Let’s Get Going!

As part of each family’s pledge to St. John School, participating in Scrip is important.  Proceeds from the sale of Scrip go directly into the operating budget of the school, helping to maintain fair and just wages for our teachers, keep current with technology and curriculum materials, and more. Haven’t participated over the summer?  Time to get back.  Never participated – don’t know what Scrip is?  Simply put, you purchase “gift” cards from St. John School for face value. St. John receives a percentage of that sale, depending on the vendor.  For instance, Safeway/Albertson’s returns 5%.  It’s fundraising without the work.  For more information, link here.  Our wonderful Scrip Volunteer Team brings in close to $50,000 annually.  That’s with about 40% participation. Just imagine if everyone just used Scrip for gas and groceries!  Remember your pledge – shop with Scrip!  Your Scrip Coordinators – Team Vaught and Kane-Yi