St. John Rocks!

The school is awash in the colors of Spring, the ‘students’ are teaching and the ‘teachers’ are in the desks, and many Pablos and Ms. O‘Learys are keeping eyes on all of us! On behalf of the entire faculty, thank you all so much for the beautiful flowers, and for the support as you helped your children dress up like the teachers and search for all the purple and gold for tomorrow! Thank you also for taking the time to present to the classes on your vocations and careers. Students have shared with me their new ambitions! Yesterday, all the students in grades k through 8 gathered in the church to celebrate our nation.  With the help of Mrs. Kelley’s fifth grade and their engineering design skills, the students ‘created’ the American flag.  It was quite the achievement!

Catholic Schools Week is a very joyful celebration of what makes us special, our Christ-centered community. Tomorrow marks Spirit Day, the grand finale of a very fun filled week. This is the one day of the year when certain exceptions are made to our dress code!

O.K. to wear St. John sport jersey or shirt
O.K. to wear athletic attire
O.K. to wear shorts (length just above the knee*)  Refer to Handbook
O.K. to wear colored nail polish
O.K. colored hair
O.K. limited face paint

Free Lunch for all students – Flatbread pizza, Ceasar salad, fruit, dessert – we will also have a dairy-free option available.

Next week, students will be back in uniform. While you are checking the Handbook for the length of the shorts, take a peek at the uniform rules. We are seeing different colored leggings, socks, sweatshirts and nail polish. Please go over the guidelines with your children if they are one of the more creative dressers!

Speaking of next week, I hear that snow may be in the forecast. Please check the school website and Facebook for updates. We no longer post on the news channels.


Bernadette O’Leary