From the Principal

It’s Auction time! Online bidding is heating up, strategies for bidding on the live items are being devised and outfits are being discussed. The excitement is growing! I am so grateful to the hard-working auction team. They seem to be here day and night, that office is very rarely empty! Let’s show our support for them tomorrow night. We will also be supporting your children as the auction directly benefits them. It is No Ná Keiki ‘O St. John, For the Children of St. John! Proceeds from the auction go directly to the school’s operating budget which includes teacher and staff salaries, instructional materials and programs, utilities, facility maintenance, and so much more. Also, be prepared to raise your paddles for the 2019 Fund-A–Need. During our construction, building inspectors identified the need for both a voice-activated fire alarm and a fire department notification system. This and the new seismic updates enhance the safety of all in the building. Also, with our expanding STEM program, we have a need for reliable computer hardware in the classrooms. Even if you can’t attend the auction, you can still donate to this very worthy Fund-A-Need!  Thank you to all of you who returned your Raffle Ticket stubs. If you haven’t done so, please send them to the office as we are legally bound to collect all stubs and all unsold tickets.

Speaking of safety, did you know that the police are not obliged to notify or communicate with our school in the event of a critical emergency in the neighborhood. Please read the post following, about the SSB 5514 and contact your representatives encouraging their support of the bill. You may use the message that is provided in the post.

Lent is almost over and we are preparing for Easter, the Paschal Mystery. All over we are seeing signs of the dying and the rising. Winter is giving way to spring, the trees are blooming, and the children found a hummingbird’s nest in the courtyard! God is good! Next week, students in grades 2 – 8 will attend a Reconciliation service together on Monday and attend confession on Wednesday through Friday.

Bernadette O’Leary