Happy May and Happy Mother’s Day!

We have been blessed with beautiful weather; it seems that summer is in the air! May it last as our middle school heads out on their adventures next week. The sixth grade will be attending Environmental Science Camp, the seventh grade will study history, geography and social science as they travel through our state, stopping in Olympia, Yakima, Spokane, and the Grand Coulee Dam. The eighth grade flies out to the other Washington, Washington, D.C., on Sunday evening and will spend the next five days visiting and learning more about the places and events they covered in their history lessons. They will visit the Capitol, Gettysburg, Mount Vernon, Smithsonian Museums, Arlington and so much more. Thank you to all the parent chaperones who are making these trips possible for the students.

Congratulations again, to the students who made their First Communion. Yesterday, the second grade had class Mass and they informed me they were having their second Communion. Next week, they will attend Mass at Bishop Blanchet High School, where they will be joined by the second grade from many of the schools in our region and by students from Bishop Blanchet. This Mass celebrates the high school students who made their Confirmation and those elementary students who made their First Communion. Our second graders are so excited to be going to the high school!

Faculty News    Mr. Breysse is following his dream to be a middle school teacher. He will be at Our Lady of the Lake next year. We congratulate him and we wish him well, but we will miss him. Mrs. Mari Halley will move to fourth grade and Mrs. Abby Mansfield, who has a degree in theology is moving to the middle school religion and eighth-grade homeroom position. We are currently interviewing for the third-grade position.

Ask your fourth- through eighth-grade children about their progress reports. They are being sent home today. Talk to your children about setting goals for a successful finish to the school year! It is hard to believe that we only have a little over five weeks left. These five weeks are busy ones – with MAP testing, field trips, final reports, planning for next year, hiring, and so much more. Thank you for all your support and prayers.

Again, I wish all my fellow moms a very happy Mothers’ Day!
God Bless,