Scrip – Your Fair Share Commitment

To date, we have received a total of $24,497.14 as a result of your participation in Scrip since July 2018!  Most of this is from your grocery shopping at Fred Meyer, our biggest vendor.  Thank you!

What is Scrip, you ask? A way to raise money for St. John School by shopping with gift cards for everyday purchases like food, clothing, and entertainment. Each scrip gift card you buy earns a rebate for St. John School. Scrip is the powerful, “no-selling” fundraiser – one piece of your “Fair Share” at St. John School!

How do I purchase Scrip?  We’re glad you asked.  Link here for the answers to your Scrip questions.  If you still need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our Scrip gurus, Tricia Kane-Yi and Andrea Vaught,!

How can I help the Scrip program?  Scrip is in need of volunteers to help a couple of hours per month with tracking, sorting, accounting, delivering.  This is an all-volunteer program spread among many so the work is easy to manage.  Contact Tricia Kane-Yi for information about this very important this opportunity.