Basketball Playoff Schedule

Congratulation to all of our St. Al/John Basketball teams who’ve made it into the play-offs!  Come and support our players this weekend and next weekend!

Saturday, Feb. 1, Girls Basketball

9:00am:  6th Grade Girls at St. George

10:15am:  7th Grade Girls AAA at OLL

12:45pm:  8th Grade Girls AAA at OLL


Saturday, Feb. 1, Boys Basketball

2:00pm:  7th Grade Boys AAA at St. Joseph


Sunday, Feb. 2, Boys Basketball

12:00pm:  6th Grade Boys at St. John!

1:15pm:  7th Grade Boys AAA at OLL

1:15pm:  8th Grade Boys at Holy Rosary Seattle


Saturday, Feb. 8, Girls Basketball

10:15am:  6th Grade Girls (G) Team at St. Louise

10:15am:  6th Grade Girls (P) Team at OLF

12:45pm:   7th Grade Girls at OLF


Saturday, Feb. 8, Boys Basketball

9:00am:  6th Grade Boys (P) Team at Holy Rosary Edmonds

12:45pm:   6th Grade Boys (G) Team at St. George

2:00pm:  8th Grade Boys (P) Team at St. John!

3:15pm:  8th Grade Boys (G) Team at St. John!

5:45pm:  7th Grade Boys at St. George