Catholic Schools Week – Celebrating Our Students

Our week-long celebration of Catholic Schools culminates in Purple and Gold Day tomorrow!  We will celebrate our students with activities in the classrooms, a free lunch for all students, and Homecoming activities beginning in the gym at 1:30pm.  Purple and Gold Day provides us with the opportunity to celebrate and just have fun!

FREE DRESS FOR PURPLE AND GOLD DAY:  This is the one day of the year when certain exceptions are made to our dress code!

  • O.K. to wear St. John sport jerseys
  • O.K. to wear athletic attire – purple and gold colors encouraged
  • O.K. to wear shorts (length just above the knee*).  Refer to Handbook.
  • O.K. to wear colored nail polish
  • O.K. colored hair
  • O.K. limited face paint