Health & Wellness Break: Get Lost in a Book

Looking for book recommendations?  Mrs. Longton is a fount of knowledge and loves talking about books.  She is happy to help you find good-fit books for your students.  For all the Husky fans out there, earn Husky gear while reading!  The Real DAWGS Read program ends on May 20, but you may go back and fill in the days that you read before this posting.  Thank you, Mrs. Longton, for sharing the Real DAWGS Read program with students.  Be sure to check out her webpage for other reading resources.

Don’t forget that all of our specialists have great resources for our students to help them with their health and well-being:

Art with Mrs. Kay:  Mrs. Kay has many wonderful ideas and resources to let your inner artist take center stage!  Learn how to make abstract art with watercolor, salt, and glue.  Try your hand at observational drawing, or learn about the fundamentals of color.

Music with Mrs. Tsagalakis:  Mrs. Tsagalakis has links to music games, original songs, and parodies that will help you get into the groove and take a breather.  Be sure to check out Extraordinary Work submitted by Middle School Students during this time of Distance Learning.

Physical Activity with Ms. Tsagalakis:  Try a daily fitness challenge, flow through mindfulness and meditation, or play Activity Bingo.  Any physical activity keeps the body healthy, clears the mind, and improves mental health by decreasing depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Health and Wellness Projects with Ms. Shaw:  Ms. Shaw’s webpage contains many fun ideas and projects, online resources, and book recommendations to help students process these uncertain times.  For example, Ms. Shaw has:

    • Primary:   15-minute read-aloud videos with mini-counseling lessons that help students process their feelings.  Videos include simple art projects, puppets, mindful moments, and breathing techniques.
    • Intermediate:  Ms. Shaw has a new program called “Stempathy,” which combines STEM and empathy.  Stempathy requires the innovator to first listen to and emphasize with a person’s problem, and then build a solution for them. This is a fun activity to do with whatever materials you have at home. You can learn more here.
    • Middle School:  Ms. Shaw and Ms. Tsagalakis are hosting a weekly 30-minute “Virtual Recess” on Fridays.  Students play games, chat, and catch up with one another.  It’s a fun and informal way for them to connect with friends. RSVP here:  6th grade7th grade8th grade

Ms. Shaw is also available for emails, calls, or video chats at any time during the school week.