Principal’s Letter

It was a pleasure to see you and your children last week, and it was also bittersweet as it was a strong reminder of how much we miss having the students on campus.

The meetings also gave us an opportunity to practice Health Screening procedures as we anticipate the day when we can bring the younger students back on campus.  In the meantime, we thank the parents of preschool students for being patient and maintaining social distance while waiting to check-in their children.

Remote Learning

This week, I ‘meet’ the students as I walk the halls and listen in on the teachers’ lessons and discussions during online instruction.  Sometimes I take the opportunity to join the class.  Your children may be on camera, and sometimes teachers may record lessons, so please be sure to take a look at the Remote Learning Release post.  Thank you for supporting the teachers and the students as together we strive to improve the online learning experience.  These first few days are all about creating that online classroom community and helping the students facilitate their schedules.  I know you are spending time helping the students in their virtual classroom but also guide them in making wise choices when it comes to social media.  We received an alert from Bishop Blanchet High School about a disturbing video circulating on TikTok which shows a man dying by suicide. Please take the time to review your child’s media habits and also review a letter from our School Counselor about online safety.


We are heartened by the news that the King County Dashboard is showing a downward trend in the rates of transmissions.  We are approaching the moderate phase.  As we assess the data for a return it is important to note that in order to move from one risk level to the next, levels must remain below the benchmark for a 14-day sustained period.  To reduce risk and control the spread of the virus, we have been advised to move slowly and cautiously, bringing in smaller groups at a time.  We hope that over the next two weeks this downward trend will continue.  If so, we will bring the primary students, in some capacity, back on-site by the end of the month.  Over time, as the trend continues to drop, we would expand in-person school to the intermediate grades.  Once we hit the low-risk category, the middle school students will return.  Keeping in mind our goal of reducing opportunities for virus transmission, the Task Force continues to evaluate what specific model will be utilized for bringing students back on campus.  The school and Archdiocese will monitor the dashboard and we will continue to keep you informed.  Please do your part.  Wear a mask!

Did You Notice…

I am not sure how many of you noticed the new windows when you were on campus last week!  Fifteen years ago the project to replace the original windows began!  Ten years ago, when I came to St. John the north and south-facing windows and the first floor were completed.  Since then, you and many parents of alumni have donated to the auction fund-a-need projects, and together we have finished this huge project!  Thank you!

Coming Up

Speaking of building community, two of our favorite events of the year are coming up, but in new pandemic versions.  Look out for the Blessing of the Backpacks and the Jog-a-thon posts!

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Mask up!

Bernadette O’Leary