Parent Association News

Please welcome Sara Dean as our 2021-22 PA Co-Chair! She is deeply connected to Catholic education and has an exciting vision to support our community. Over the summer, our goal is to take all the things we learned as a Parent Association from this wild year and decide on how to best utilize these lessons moving forward. We are very excited about being able to host in-person events again, and we look forward to you joining us.

If you’re interested in a leadership role with PA, please let us know here

We can’t let this year pass, though, without giving immense credit to all of our gracious volunteers for helping us support this community. Our Parent Association volunteers recognized that it was no small feat to keep St. John’s doors open. They helped keep our community safe and ensured our teachers, administrators, and staff felt appreciated and supported. Please join me in thanking Kim Angelis, Karen Bombino, Andrea Boorman, Sarah Burt, Ericka Cantave, Kara Dacquisto, Melissa Dallmeyer, Sara Dean, Maisie Delgado, Kate DeMotts, Angela Doyle, Lauren Exnicios, Kerry Feeman, Shannon Flavin, Anne Gerich, Keely Gleason, Rachael Groark, Kelley Hurley, Erin Kalanquin, Rachel Lambert, Erika Lawrence, Carolina Marx, Katie Masiello, Kinsey McCormick, Ellen McLaughlin, Leonie Neville, Megan Nogeire, Maryanne Osaki, Mollie Overa, Liz Overland, Laura Pendergrast, Madeline Pennington, Sue Pierce, Jon and Melissa Putman, Tracy Robertson, Beth Rubin, Cindy Semick, Tracy Smith, Christine Sourov, Jennie Steldt, Senait Tadesse, Kelsey Tomascheski, Di  Tran, Julia Tsurusaki, Aleah and Nick Valley, Gigi Vasko, Andrea Vaught, Jill Vincenzo, Jackie Webb, Veronica Wellnitz, Candice Weissinger, Tracie Westby, Ruby White, Emily Wiederspan and a few others, whose names, unfortunately, escaped our list.  And last but not least, a heartfelt thanks to Allan Quiaoit, PA Co-Chair, for his tireless efforts this year! We are so grateful that he will be returning as Co-Chair next year.