Principal’s Letter

In the October/November 2021 issue of Northwest Catholic, Archbishop Etienne invites us to  “journey together…where all are sensitively working together, striving to listen, discern and respond to the needs and challenges of the moment.” The great turnout for Dave Watson, our first speaker in the Guest Speakers Series, shows that our families are committed to responding to current challenges. Thank you, Dave, for encouraging us to have courageous conversations about racism, prejudice and discrimination even when those subjects make us uncomfortable and for reminding us to listen, believe and commit to act for others. We hope that Dave’s presentation inspired you – as it inspired us – to continue to strive for diversity, equity, and justice. Thank you, Sara Dean and Allan Quiaoit, PA Chairs for bringing Dave to our virtual campus.

I would also like to thank our community for your partnership as we continue to navigate the challenges of COVID. Your cooperation is especially important as we learned of positive cases in our school community this week. Early Wednesday morning we were informed of two positive cases in our school. Another positive was confirmed late today. Administration followed the protocols outlined in the Public Health Seattle & King County (PHSKC) Schools COVID-19 Response Toolkit. Once we compiled the list of close contacts, we contacted their families, teachers and support staff. A “COVID-19 Notice” letter was sent electronically to all families in grades 3, 4 and 6. The letter detailed specific steps to be taken by families, including monitoring potential symptoms and testing, if necessary. Meanwhile, the maintenance team completed a thorough cleaning of all spaces utilized by the students who may have been exposed. We pray for a speedy recovery for those students and hope our mitigation strategies at school will prevent further transmission.

The complicated protocols that are in place when there is a confirmed case in our school become even more complex when you include additional layers like siblings, sports, carpools, etc., which is why we must remain vigilant. According to Dr. Danielle Zerr, chief of infectious disease and virology at Seattle Children’s, in the October Seattle Times article, As Childhood COVID Infections Hit Pandemic Highs, Experts Urge Vaccination and Testing, “We know mitigation efforts within school settings do work to prevent transmission…Mask-wearing, frequent hand hygiene, physical distancing – we really want everybody to be practicing all these measures to support kids returning to and remaining in in-person education.” Mitigation strategies work, and we must continue to follow them at school and at home. Please remind your children to adhere to proper mask-wearing. Let’s keep our students and staff safe, healthy and on-campus.

Together We Can!