Principal’s Letter

If you are not reading this letter now, I hope it’s because you are watching the State of the School. Thank you to the families who attended on Tuesday and those who are currently viewing. Preparing for the State of the School 2022 gave me the opportunity to step back from the daily challenges of the pandemic and acknowledge how much our community has achieved and continues to achieve. In the shadow of a global crisis, in the face of uncertainty, our community came together stronger than ever. Our faculty and staff worked tirelessly to support our students, and you worked tirelessly to support our faculty and staff. Even in the darkness of the darkest days of the pandemic, we continued to support our neighbors and the community at large. As I said in the presentation, each of us – parents, students, teachers, staff, friends and neighbors – are all pieces of the St. John puzzle, and we need every single component to make it work. Thank you, St. John community – Together We Can!

Celebrating our community’s accomplishments goes hand in hand with Catholic Schools Week. This Sunday’s 10:30am mass, which will be live-streamed on the Parish Facebook page, will mark the first day of Catholic Schools Week, an annual celebration of Catholic education across the nation. We will then spend the week celebrating this year’s theme: “Catholic Schools: Faith. Excellence. Service.” This year’s student events will start to take on some of our more treasured traditions; our commitment to Catholic Schools remains strong. Get your teacher costumes, cultural outfits, and spirit wear ready! It’s time to celebrate Catholic Schools, our teachers, our volunteers, our Unbound classmates and our students! See the Catholic Schools Week post for the schedule,

As we celebrate Catholic Schools Week, do check your email in the upcoming days for re-enrollment information. We ask you to prayerfully discern your Fair Share commitment for next year.

Together We Can!

Bernadette O’Leary