Wellness at St. John!

We are pleased to share that the St. John community now has a Wellness Committee! Comprised of parents, teachers, and administrators, the focus of the committee is to implement research-based policies and practices that support the overall health of our community. 

As a first step, the Wellness Committee has been focusing on finding ways to support our students through increased physical activity. It is well researched that being physically active supports the physical, mental and emotional health of our students, with improved mood and better grades, cognitive performance and classroom behaviors. Plans are underway to roll out an evidence-based pilot program for our middle school students. Be on the lookout for more details and ways to get involved in future NewsViews posts! In the meantime, please consider walking or biking to school when you can to increase your family’s physical activity, improve your health, and decrease your impact on the environment. What better way to start the day? We look forward to an amazing year focused on improving our wellness together.

Thank you to the following people who volunteered for the Wellness Committee: Kathy Beck, Amy BonDurant, Kara Dacquisto, Dora Hall, Emily Hallman, Sheila Marty, Bernadette O’Leary, Chloe Shaw, Jonna Skokan, and Brent Stinebrickner.