Parish News

Visit the Parish Website for detailed information about Mass schedules, special events, and the Parish e-newsletter. The following are highlights:

Fr. Crispin’s 60th!

Fr. Crispin turned 60 on September 2 while on a retreat in Kenya. We are planning to celebrate him at Mass on Sunday, September 25 at 10:30am with a reception in Egan Hall afterward.

We also thought a great way to celebrate this milestone birthday would be to send him to the Holy Land. This is a trip he has always wanted to go on but has not yet had a chance. If you would like to contribute to this gift, you may mail or drop off funds at the parish office or make a gift online at: – use the “Other – Parish” button and note Father’s 60th. We are hoping to raise $7,000 to fund this trip. Shhhhhhhhhhh! This is a surprise; please don’t say anything to Fr. Crispin! Questions? Contact Teresa Gillett at 206-782-2810 ext.355 or

Blessing of the Pets

The Saint Francis of Assisi ministry and St. John would like to invite you to bring your pet to the schoolyard on Sunday, October 2 to celebrate the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi. Father Crispin will be blessing the animals from 12-12:30pm. Please note that we anticipate animals of all sizes and types, and we don’t wish any to be harmed. Thus, we require all dogs to either be leashed or carried in a secure dog carrier. In addition, all other animals (e.g., cats, birds, hamsters, snakes, etc.) need to be brought to the schoolyard in a secure carrier. If you can’t bring your pet in a secure carrier or if you can’t control your leashed dog, please leave your pet at home and bring a photo for Father Crispin to bless.

Sunday School, 2022-2023

Registration is open for Sunday School 2022-23! Sunday School for ages 4 and 5 meets in the Extended Day Care (XDC) rooms in Quigley Building during the 10:30am Mass each Sunday, beginning October 9 through May. The entrance is from the parking lot side.