Wellness Committee: Try Me Day

Wellness Committee Try Me Days are designed to give students a chance to try foods with which they may not be familiar. The food highlighted on each Try Me Day is briefly discussed in class the morning of the event so students can learn about the health benefits of the food. The food will be available to sample during lunchtime if students want to try it. Students who sampled the food can vote if they liked or disliked the food when they return to class. Students are also given the food’s nutritional information. Hopefully, learning about and tasting different foods will help us all to be open to trying new and healthy foods inside and outside of school.

Our first Try Me Day food was the Mejool Date. Students were offered a raw date and/or date paste on flatbread to taste. 47% of students who tried the date liked it while 53% of the students did not care for it.

Quote of the event: “I love dates! They are better than candy!”

Ask your students about the Mejool date they tried at school! For more information about the Mejool date and delicious and easy date recipes, go here.