Wellness Committee


We envision a school where students, teachers, administration and families thrive in health through physical activity, nutrition, social, mental, spiritual, and environmental well-being.


The Wellness Committee leads and inspires others to join in creating a community that values health in all aspects of life.


Students were introduced to mushrooms for the fourth Try Me Day and learned about its the nutritional value. For information about mushrooms, go here. Information about kale, farrow, parsnips and Mejool dates is still available.


In the Zone

Inspired by brain research revealing the significant role that physical activity has on academics and social/emotional learning, the Wellness Committee has been working with the PE department and administration to bring a new kind of PE to St. John School. Meet In the Zone training, a class designed to motivate every student to get moving using real-time feedback from our newly purchased heart rate monitors. In the Zone aims to educate students on the science of exercise, teach them how different kinds of movement and relaxation techniques can influence their heart rate and empower them to meet individualized fitness goals. We believe this will improve overall health, attention, focus and emotional regulation.

Morning Movement

Along with In the Zone heart rate training, it has been shown that early morning exercise helps children focus, improves academics and boosts their mood/behavior. We will be starting Movement Movement on the blacktop for the entire school. This physical activity will begin at 8am and will consist of a warm-up and then several moderate-to-high intensity exercises for 5-10 minutes. Students will cool down while walking into school at 8:15am. Children, parents and teachers are encouraged to take part in this community physical activity. If interested in helping make this activity a reality, please contact us!

Try Me Days

We all know that it can be hard to get children to eat healthy foods. Try Me Days will be an all-school event that introduces students to different health-promoting foods with samples to enjoy! Students and their families will learn about the nutritional benefits of the foods they sample, will get recipes to try at home to incorporate these foods into home meals and will vote on the likability of the foods. Highly enjoyed foods may be included in future school lunch menus to enjoy again! We hope that we can inspire our children to learn why healthy foods are important to include in daily meals at school and at home.

If you are interested in helping with any of our projects, or in joining the Wellness Committee, please email Amy BonDurant at amyebondurant@gmail.com.