From the Nurse

St. John School is hosting the second annual Vaccine Clinic tomorrow, 10/6 for those students who have registered. Recall the clinic update, which was emailed to families on 10/3:

Safeway Pharmacy has not received a supply of the updated COVID-19 vaccine for students ages 5-11. Therefore, the school is doing the following: 

  • Students ages 12+ will be able to receive the updated COVID-19 vaccine at the clinic. Note: Students do NOT have to bring their COVID vaccine cards to the clinic – this is no longer a requirement. 
  • ALL students will be able to receive the Flu vaccine at the clinic. 
  • We will hold another student vaccine clinic at St. John once Safeway Pharmacy gets the updated COVID-19 vaccine in stock for ages 5-11.  
  • Student vaccine clinics at St. John will not be able to provide updated COVID-19 vaccines for students under age 5. 

Please be advised there is a possibility that vaccination will not be completed for your student(s) if they have a particularly difficult time during the clinic. This will be communicated to parents if it occurs. 

IMPORTANT: If you have not submitted a consent form, print it out and have your student bring it with them to the vaccine clinic tomorrow. Without a signed consent form, your child will not be able to participate in the vaccine clinic.

Please reach out to Dora Hall, ARNP, school nurse, with questions at