New Communication Tools

Our new school website is built on a WordPress platform to allow us to update easily and have greater flexibility with our website. The transition is an ongoing process to reduce the number of e-mails in your in-box while improving the content of our website.  A few things to note–

  • News appears on the home page several times a week.  The home page is dynamic and constantly changing.  Visit often to stay informed.
  • If you use an RSS news reader to subscribe to the latest updates from your favorite blogs and news sites, add St. John’s new web site to your subscription list.  You will receive all of the articles posted to the site as they are published.  St. John’s RSS feed URL is
  • NewsViews is now a weekly aggregate of posts that appear on the home page.  You have a couple of options–
    • read the news via the website’s home page
    • click on All News in the Quick Links
    • or wait for NewsViews to be e-mailed to you weekly.
  • Your child’s teacher is also providing updates, class schedules, and news on the classroom home page–check your classroom pages often.
  • Some things are going to go on our Facebook page that used to go in NewsViews such as–
    • Student & alumni news
    • Photos of school happenings & events
    • Neighborhood news, parenting articles, and events
    • Be sure to like our Facebook page here
  • To reduce the number of e-mails, we will occasionally text short messages to you to remind you of dress uniform days, picture days, etc.
  • Signup features and the ability to pay by credit card for clubs, events, pizza lunches, etc. coming soon!

This effort is a work in progress, please tell us of your experience with NewsViews and web page–good or bad–we want to know!  Comments can be sent to