Egan Hall Update

Much progress was made over the summer with the Egan Hall upgrade. The 2015 Fund-A-Need resulted in $63,000, some of which is still in reserves. Details of project expenditures are below. Note that approximately $6,125 would remain if the list is completed as projected. Since the projected costs are estimates, this amount will be held in reserve to allow for unanticipated costs.

2015 Fund A Need Expenditures thru 12/1/2015

Project ComponentCost
Accordion Door$12,211
Chairs/Chair racks$15, 513
Acoustic Panels$2,092
Fencing around Egan Hall$5,090
Donated by the Burke/Osterfeld families
Painting Labor$0
Donated by the Burke/Osterfeld families
Floor Removal/Paint$0
Paid for with Parish Funds ($18,018)
Total spent on improvements to date:$40, 375

2015 Fund A Need Additional Expenditures as of 12/1/2015

Additional Components as Funds AllowProjected Cost
Landscaping $5,000
Exterior Lighting System$6,000
Additional Acoustic Panels$3,010
Additional Chairs$2,500
Total Additional Projected Expenses$16,510