January Virtue, Fidelity

Fidelity is the virtue of the month. We are encouraged to be faithful to our promises and resolutions and our to relationship with Christ. Some of the students said that fidelity was like being persistent, one of the Habits of Mind that they practice. So true. It takes persistence to practice fidelity, to remain true to our promises. Relationships, like New Year resolutions and promises take effort and don’t always go smoothly. We are called to communicate, talk, and spend time listening. So it is with our relationship to Christ. To remain faithful, we must be willing to spend time with Him, to pray and to talk with Him, to listen when He calls, to see Him around us, to find Him in every person we meet. Christ talks to each of us in different ways, but He asks all of us to try to be like him. Some people respond very clearly! The students have been discussing how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. answered the call to seek justice and equality for all God’s children. This weekend, let us make a special effort to build our relationship with Christ, maybe say some extra prayers for the less fortunate, the homeless, the refugees, go to Mass, discuss civil rights with your children. What is Christ asking you to do?

Christ’s very faithful servant, Fr. Crispin is celebrating his Silver Jubilee this year.  On January 22, we invite you to a party in Egan Hall to honor his fidelity to his vocation.  It promises to be a joyful parish event with food, drink, story-telling and music!  Follow the link….to RSVP.  Childcare is also available free of charge in XDC – link here.

Another big Catholic celebration follows at the end of the month.  Catholic Schools Week begins with the all-school Mass at 10:30 on Sunday, January 31st.  Our community has a rich diverse background which I see when the students present their Cultural Fair projects.  We invite you all to proudly share your ethnicity by wearing your traditional dress or a symbol of your ethnicity at that Mass.  Representatives from our sister school in Peru will be attending and are looking forward to meeting you.  You are invited to the all-school Open House and the Cultural Fair in Egan Hall following Mass.  Mark your calendars and prepare your outfits!

Faithfully yours,

Bernadette O’Leary